Irish Pub Radio plays nothing but the best Irish Music. Broadcasting Irish Music digitally via the internet , 24 hours a day to Irish Pubs all over the world. Irish Pub Radio has a huge extensive collection of these songs that we mix with other popular all time Irish favourites. We go to great efforts to play not just any Irish music....., but great Irish Music that you can play in your pub.


Ireland is the land of great story tellers, It is a big part of our peoples tradition and is deeply embedded in our culture. No matter where you go in Ireland you will hear great stories from its people, not only in spoken form, but also in song. We call them ballads...., songs that tell stories. Stories about its people, its places and the situations they sometimes find themselves in.

Our programming is mainly music, however we have plans over the coming months to also start bringing you content from Ireland aimed at an international audience.

Our output is not time specific, so we won't be making references about it being breakfast time..., when it could be night time where you are based.


17 March 2020 - Extra Servers

Happy St Patricks Day where ever you are listening today...., hope your enjoying the music today on the station. With the day that is in it, our servers always experience extra demands and therefore, we have set up more servers to try and help with the extra demands we experience today.


PLS Format ASX Format RAM Format QTS Format

You will also find more servers on our main listen page