If you are an artist involved in a band that have an Irish connetion, why not get in touch with us. We only play Irish music, so if your group or band are not Irish, we will not be able to play your track on Irish Pub Radio.

If sending us your track, please ensure the quality of the recording is of high broadcast quality if you would like to be considered for airplay.

When sending your track be sure to select 'Head of Music' in the pull down destination below.


We always want you to enjoy Irish Pub Radio, as much as possible. So if you come across any technical problem with a stream or our output on air, please do tell us so that our engineer can try and resolve the problem ASAP.

To ensure that the email gets to our technical department, please select 'Fault Report' from the pull down menu in the email form.

It is always lovely to hear from you and to know that you are listening. If you have a query about anything, please feel free to contact us below selecting the best pull down option for your query, this will ensure that your email goes to the correct area, and doesn't get lost in hundreds of emails we get everyday.

If you are experiencing problems with our email form, you can email us your queries to onair@irishpubradio.com


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