HTML5 Player

Smart Phone Apps - TUNE IN, Nobex Radio or Orange

Irish PubRadio can also be heard worldwide on your smart phone using various apps, We recommend "Tune in", "Nobex Radio", or "Orange" available free for iPhone, Android & Nokia. After download, open & just search "Irish Pub Radio". Note: that listening to any station via your mobile phone can be very expensive without a proper data package. Be sure to select the heart symbol on the Tune In app, so we will be saved into your favourites.



Wifi Radio

Irish Pub Radio can be heard anywhere in the world via Wifi Radio. The majority of Wifi Radios that you buy now a days use the Reciva database. To find our signal on Reciva units...., just pick Ireland as country and simply select us from the list of stations. Make sure you save the preset in your radio for furture easy access. We are on the listings of most other database providers also.



Amazon Alexia and Google Home

Simply just ask either of these devices to play Irish Pub Radio. You may need to activate the tunein skill on your Amazon Alexia, and may need to say the first few times "Play Irish Pub Radio on Tune in", but after doing this a few times, you will only need to say "Play Irish Pub Radio", as it will remember how to get it

Ways to Listen

More Ways to Listen

i-Tunes / Apple TV

We can be found on i-Tunes, go to their internet radio section, then go to the Adult Contemporary section and you will find us there. Easier again, you can also just search for Irish Pub Radio.


Google Chromecast

There are a few apps now supporting Google Chromecast, allowing you can listen to Irish Pub Radio on your TV. The Smart Phone apps that we recommended are "Tune In" and "Orange Radio". Both will allow you to listen to Irish Pub Radio on your TV
Ways to Listen

on my Computer

On Your Computer

You can also listen to Irish Pub Radio on your computer using many steam formats for players like Winamp, Media Player, Quicktime, Real Player and other webpage enabled players in flash and HTML 5. These formats will work with most other players also, that maybe loaded in your computer.